That Island Called Sambawan

At the northern part of Leyte lies one of the country’s newest and smallest provinces. This island province calls itself Biliran. 2 hours off the coast of Biliran points to our next destination- an isolated island gaining popularity these past months- Sambawan Island.


Uninhabited and desolate, Sambawan comprises of three little islands shaped into a sickle. It has been gaining popularity because of its scenic and natural view as seen from the top.

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Sohoton, Bucas Grande: Under the Spell

2 hours away from the famed Siargao Island lies a paradise known to captivate for its surreal beauty. This paradise calls itself Sohoton. Coined from the Cebuano word ‘su-oton’ which means to go under, Sohoton reminds me of the 2009 movie Avatar. This utopia is hidden by a maze-like structure of small islets. The puzzle is worth solving since what you will see beyond is a picture of an untouched and mesmerizing paradise.


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Siargao: Of Road Trips and Beaches

I fell in love with the island the first time I laid my eyes on it. That repose and calm serenity you always feel every time you visit your happy place has always been my reason why I’d love to come here often. Good thing this is my hubby’s hometown so I have more reasons to visit.haha

During my recent visit to Siargao, we embarked on a road trip around the island. Many may have known of the tunneling waves of General Luna, the natural pool in Pila rand the three little islands across the Boulevard yet only a few knewthat aside from these favorite spots, Siargao has unadulterated places that would make you WOW.



The white, sandy shore of Alegria facing the Pacific Ocean.


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The Boracay Dream

You’ve probably read lots of blogs regarding their exploits in the famous island of Boracay, but the fact that this is my blog and you’re reading this gives me the right to brag that I was able to set foot in one of the world’s best island destinations.haha


They say that the best time to go to Boracay is during summer but since this our first Christmas together as a family, we decided to celebrate it with a twist by spending it in Boracay- a white Christmas indeed!


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