Grand Canyon: Grandest of All

A trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without making a short detour to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The south rim of the canyon is a mere 4 hour ride from Las Vegas. There are a lot of tour buses that can take you on a day trip to the Grand Canyon should one…

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Living Las Vegas

We visited Las Vegas this summer to do a sort of ocular survey and to visit a sick relative. By ocular survey meaning, we’d like to know how it feels to live here. An aunt has been urging us to relocate into this city as taxes are low and real estate is cheaper compared to…

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Chicago Walking Tour

We had a chance to explore the city for a few hours and we got tons of photos as the city is so vibrant and full of life. In addition, it is so windy hence it’s called The Windy City. lol

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Experiencing the Amish Way of Life

I remember the first time I saw an Amish couple. We were in Port Authority Terminal waiting for the bus that would take us to Niagara Falls. They looked pretty normal, black clothes paired with hats yet they remind me of milkmaids, of anything that was old and traditional. They on the other hand didn’t…

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Clearwater Beach and Universal Studios

So after the fun rides and attractions in Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, our next itinerary is to experience the sun in the sunshine state. The closest beach from Disney World is Clearwater Beach which is only 45 mins- 1 hour drive from Orlando. We didn’t have a car so we took Uber which was a…

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The Happiest Place On Earth

Yes! Finally, Disneyland! My daughter’s only wish for her 7th birthday was to visit Disneyland and without second thoughts we let her wish come true just like fairytales. Also, the adults are a bit excited to visit the happiest place on earth. It’s not just for kids okay? So last year, we went to Disney…

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A Glimpse of the Nation’s Capital: Washington D.C.

Washington DC has always been confusing to me as there is also a state in the US named Washington. So here’s the thing, the state of Washington is on the west coast, a 5 hour flight from New York City but Washington D.C. (aka District of Columbia) is just an hour flight from New York.…

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Commuting to Niagara Falls from New York City

Living in New York City doesn’t require you to have your own car, mostly when you have one, its more of a hassle with the high parking fees (Manhattan has rates up to 8 dollars an hour) and complicated parallel street parking. Unlike other cities in the US, most New Yorkers don’t have cars and…

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New York, New York

I haven’t written for a while now, my last post was June of 2018. Almost 4 years of blogging hiatus! Many things had happened since then but first and foremost, 2018 was the year that changed the course of my career. After 9 years of waiting, I finally got the email that we (me and…

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