Siargao: Of Road Trips and Beaches

I fell in love with the island the first time I laid my eyes on it. That repose and calm serenity you always feel every time you visit your happy place has always been my reason why I’d love to come here often. Good thing this is my hubby’s hometown so I have more reasons to visit.haha

During my recent visit to Siargao, we embarked on a road trip around the island. Many may have known of the tunneling waves of General Luna, the natural pool in Pila rand the three little islands across the Boulevard yet only a few knewthat aside from these favorite spots, Siargao has unadulterated places that would make you WOW.



The white, sandy shore of Alegria facing the Pacific Ocean.


We started the road trip from Dapa then heading to the town of Del Carmen (locally known as Numancia). We were greeted with a vast plantation of mangroves.

Del Carmen

Del CArmen

One can have a guided boat tour along the mangroves.


Moving towards the town of San Benito, we saw more of these vast mangroves.

San Benito

Further north, we road to the town of  Sta. Monica (locally known as Sapao). We passed by the Tak Tak Falls.

Taktak Falls

Tak tak rates

See that rope attached to the tree? Doing a tarzan plunge is a must try in Tak Tak Falls. I’ve seen Drew Arellano in his Biyahe ni Drew show took that plunge. I didn’t have the guts to do it especially while I’m holding my little girl.lhehe


The rainless summer months have left the falls scarce of water. My husband said it used to be full and overflowing with fresh water.


Our next stop was in the town of Alegria. We checked out the newly opened Denaville Resort.


View from the beach front. This part here in Siargao is facing the Pacific Ocean hence one can hear the gushing waves from afar.


View from the top.


A walk along the shoreline of Alegria.


This is were the long stretch of uninhabited beaches start. From the town of Alegria to Burgos then to Pilar and finally to General Luna, the beaches are just the best. If you want a laid back vacation, free from the stress of society, I suggest you visit this part of Siargao.


The nearby town of Burgos is a perfect spot for those still learning to surf.



Surf boards available for sale. One can also have it custom made.


A common sight in provinces where locals gather and talk about anything.


Surf breaks getting closer.

We passed by the town of Pilar where the Magpupungko Rock Formation is located but we didn’t make a stop since we’ve been already there. From Pilar, we headed to General Luna for a pizza fix and beach bumming.


Us with our little explorer 🙂


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