Overnight Stay at Aquatopia Waterpark, Pennsylvania

Who needs a private car in New York City where one can use every mode of public transport there is available- which is always. We embarked on another “carless” adventure to Pennsylvania using the old time bus. Apparently, there are buses that could take you to the series of water parks in Pennsylvania with no hassle. With the help pf the ever friendly google, I found out that Martz Bus can take you right at the entrance 3 Waterparks in PA namely- Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge and Aquatopia. with return trips. Bus departs at the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 8:30 AM and takes about 2-3 hrs to reach the waterpark. Bus fare is 64 USD + plus one way.

Inside the Martz Bus on our way to Aquatopia Waterpark.

The trip was smooth. A stop made and we had to transfer to another bus that would take us to the entrances of the 3 waterparks.

Aquatopia was the last stop.

The good thing about it is we get to stay overnight on the waterpark as they also offer rooms. Entrance to the park is already included in the room price. Check out their website to learn more. We got the King Bunk Suite as there was a handful of us.

King Bunk Suite

After checking in, we decided to have a quick lunch at the Graffiti Pizza which is just inside the waterpark.

I didn’t get the chance to take lots of photos as we we had so much fun with the rides. Our top 5 rides includes the Lazy River, Venus Slydetrap, Storm Chaser, Wave pool and the Flowrider.

Happy faces ❤

Oh and the reason why we came here is because it was my unica hija’s 8th birthday.

Dinner at the Trail End’s Pub and Grille which is just inside the waterpark too!

The day after, we got breakfast at the Hemispheres and enjoyed their buffet- style breakfast. We found out that the chef is also a Filipino like us!

We had so much fun at the waterpark and we wanted to go back again. 🙂


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