Samal Island Sidetrip

The Island Garden City of Samal is just a 10 minute ferry ride from Davao City. That is why despite our tight schedule, we managed to squeeze in visiting the famed island.


One can ride a jeepney to the Samal Island Wharf in Sasa. Fare is 13 php if you’re from the downtown part of Davao City. The ferry costs 10 php and the rides are available 24/7.

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As a jump start to the year 2013, my mom and I decided to visit the vast city of Davao. The initial plan was to book a ticket for Davao, avail one of those city tours and sleep at Pearl Farm- a beach resort in Samal Island widely publicized as a tourist hot spot. Yet, as I began researching and reading blog posts from DIY (do it yourself) travelers, I realize that it would be a hell of an adventure if I plan our trip just like these backpackers did. We rarely rode their taxis and opted for commuting and walking. We didn’t hire a tour guide, instead we bought a map, did vast research and asked the locals for directions. And we never checked- in at Pearl Farm, we were at the Royal House, which on our second day gave us 50% discount on room accommodation. Kudos to my nanay, who was all out with this adventure!

Day 1


We booked the ticket from Cebu Pacific’s piso fare last November 2012. Travel time from Cebu City to Davao is approximately an hour.


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