I Left My Ray- Ban in Kawasan

The journey  from the peak to Kawasan has left our bodies sore and devoid of water. That is why when we reached the falls, relief and ease beamed all our faces upon recognizing the  familiar gush of the unsullied waters in Kawasan Falls. We just can’t wait to take a dip and have our bodies soothed by the icy water.

Entrance fee to Kawasan Falls is 10php. From the chapel located along the road, we have to walk a kilometer in order to reach the the First Falls. Kawasan Falls has three main falls. Most people call it the first, second and the third (where the source is located) falls. As you go through each main falls, you can also see a number of miniature falls.

One of the miniature falls you see along the way.


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The Unfamiliar Trail to Kawasan Falls

This is the second part of our adventure and this, amongst others is the most memorable. It has left our gastrocnemius and hamstring muscles so sore we can hardly move even a single step. Of course this happened the day after. What we faced during that three hour trek was a long haul of uphill and downhill climb intensified by the scorching heat of the sun.

The Barangay of Mantalongon is part of the town of Dalaguete (southeast of Cebu) yet its location gives it an access to the town of Badian located at the southwestern part of Cebu. It is basically located in between Dalaguete and Badian.

There are two ways to reach Kawasan Falls in Badian  from the peak. The hired tour guide (a kid named William) gave us the following option.

First is the 6 hour traverse from the peak which would lead us directly to the second falls of Kawasan. The other option was the 3 hour trek from the peak to Basak, Badian then riding a tricycle to the  Badian Market then a multicab to Matutinao, Badian where the Kawasan Falls is located.

Since a 6 hour trek was so hard to imagine, we opted for the second approach.

After clearing everything up at the peak, we were ready to set foot. It was 7 am when we started and the sun was beginning to show.

Notice the excitement of our faces.


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