Experiencing the Amish Way of Life

I remember the first time I saw an Amish couple. We were in Port Authority Terminal waiting for the bus that would take us to Niagara Falls. They looked pretty normal, black clothes paired with hats yet they remind me of milkmaids, of anything that was old and traditional. They on the other hand didn’t use phones as most of us do while waiting in the terminal, which I later found out that they don’t really own one.

We got the chance to visit the biggest and oldest Amish community in the country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We availed of the tour to the farmhouse and the Village for 12 USD. Here, one will learn through a tour guide how the Amish people live day by day. W were inside a typical Amish house.

The Amish community practice the virtues of simplicity, family, community and humility. They keep themselves out of the limelight.

Amish kitchen. They live by simplicity which means they don’t use electricity. At night, they would use make shift gas lamps.
Amish bedroom. On the right you see children clothes which are made and sewn by the females. Their clothes style and color are made based on status just like a male’s beard and mustache determine his status in the community.

They raise their own livestock and make their own food.

And they have their own school which teaches fundamental education and Dutch, German and English languages.

The tour was very informative which made me admire their resilience to stick to traditions despite the fast changing society. Being there was like going back to basics.