Living Las Vegas

We visited Las Vegas this summer to do a sort of ocular survey and to visit a sick relative. By ocular survey meaning, we’d like to know how it feels to live here. An aunt has been urging us to relocate into this city as taxes are low and real estate is cheaper compared to NYC. They call it the Sin City because of its grand casinos, rampant drunk tourists and several men’s club. We saw these things when we were there but we also saw how vast and lively yet peaceful the city is. There was peace despite the chaos it portrays in movies. We got to see how it is outside the famous Las Vegas Strip and made as consider relocating here in the distant future.

Bellagio Fountain

Las Vegas is a five hour flight from NYC. Time difference between 2 states is 3 hours with Las Vegas being behind 3 hours from NYC. Being on a plane to Las Vegas is very atypical. People were already ordering drinks as precedent to the fun that would await them in the sin city. Jetblue was fully equipped with their liquor menu. I was a bit surprised nut then again people go to Vegas to have fun is the most common notion. Me and my husband wallowed ourselves with in board entertainment though (boring!)

The view of the Desert Mountains from above is absolutely stunning and refreshing!

Almost touchdown! Mostly are flat buildings and vast desert.

Going to the hotel was without hassle as we just have to take UBER.

The UBER got us free snacks and water in the car. During our stay there, we noticed the drivers would offer you water maybe due to the heat. No New York Uber driver would do this. haha

We stayed at the Springhill Suites by Marriot, a mere 15 min ride from the airport. We opted for this as it is cheaper than the hotels in the strip. The place is off the strip and we stayed for 5 days here for approximately 600 usd. Not bad right? They have free breakfast and a swimming pool and a gym at the 24th floor. I remember we also stay in Springhill Suites when we were in Florida.

Morning View of Las Vegas. 8 am but the sun’s heat feels like it’s 12 noon
During our stay here, we made it a point to enjoy the pool early morning when everyone was still sleeping and hungover. lol

Our first day in Vegas was spent visiting relatives, doing grocery shopping and swimming under the scorching heat.


Day 1 in Vegas was like how it is for us should we relocate here. We did grocery, went to TJ Max and visited a sick uncle in the hospital. Residential areas here are very close to the Strip which means when you feel like going out on a normal day, you can always do that. The streets are very wide that I told myself that I could even drive here. It’s actually a sustainable place for us to live. We are very open to the idea of relocating here. And mind you, time runs slow here unlike New York. lol

Oh but I forgot to tell you how hot it was. 95 degrees under the scorching sun. Summers here are mostly heatwaves but humidity is very low, the air is dry. You might wonder even with 105 degrees you still wont be sweating which is nice right?

Day 2 we were supposed to visit Grand Canyon but the bus company rescheduled it the next day due to mechanical problems. So we scheduled the trip to The Strip during this day but then something happened and we made a little detour to the Emergency Room. My daughter was having diarrhea and vomiting a couple of times that we decided to bring her to the ER for fear of dehydration.

Good thing it wasn’t that serious, she was given an antiemetic and they had to observe her for at least an hour.

And she’s back to being a tourist again

Paris, Las Vegas
New York, Las Vegas
Luxor Hotel
MGM Grand
Mandalay Bay
Excalibur Hotel
The Strip at Night
Brooklyn Bridge, Las Vegas

Day 3 was when we went to Grand Canyon in Arizona from Las Vegas. I’ll be writing about it on a different post. Day 4 was my hubby’s birthday and we spent it walking at the Venetian watching tourists in their gondolas, eating gelato. We went to a Catholic Church near the strip and was surprised and happy that it was full. It’s not a sin city after all. We had a nice birthday lunch for hubby at Galpao Gaucho- a Brazilian Steakhouse near the Venetian Hotel.

We also did a little gambling at the arcade. haha

Bye for now Las Vegas!