Laid- Back Dumaguete

Food. This is what I always think everytime someone mentions the place Dumaguete. The Sans Rival Bistro was simply the most delicious resto of all! I had the chance to visit the place August of last year together with my HR Director. It was business mixed with

From Cebu, we rode a Cebu Pacific plane to Dumaguete. The flight was so short we didn’t realize it was touchdown already, 20- minute flight as I recall! Cebu Pacific flies everyday to Dumaguete, they only have 1 flight to Duma early in the morning and back to Cebu late in the afternoon. Rates differ from the length of time you purchased the ticket. For us, it was 899 per person exclusive of tax. For those on a budget, you can have a land trip from Cebu to Liloan (south part of Cebu) then ride a ferry from Liloan to Duma. Another alternative route would be through slow boat or a fast ferry (Oceanjet) which would take 5 hrs or more to reach Dumaguete.

Upon arrival, we then did this. haha







We stayed at the Bethel Guest House. It is located along the Boulevard- a popular attraction by night in Dumaguete. The hotel is affordable. For a twin deluxe room, we paid only 1, 500 php per night. The room includes a hot and cold shower with free wifi connection. It is one of the oldest and most popular in Duma.


After freshening up, we went to work. We went to some government agencies there and one thing we surely noticed is the gentlenes of the people there. They were all accommodating! It’s kinda hard to commend people working in the government right? For example, in Cebu, when you are in a government agency to process some documents, it would seem like they are pissed that you are there telling from their faces and the way they are treating you. Most of us have this stereotype for government employees, but when you’re in Duma, it’s a different thing! You feel like you are being highly regarded. Being nice is a part of their job.haha

This is a picture of their provincial capitol.


It was time for Lunch when we finished what we have to do. We headed to the infamous Sans Rival Bistro located along the Boulevard.


We were famished so we ate like hungry bears. We ordered their Spaghetti, Cheesy Lasagna, the sans rival cake and another yummy cake!( I forgot the name..hehe). For drinks we had pineapple juice and  strawberry shake. Sugar rush coming our way for lunch!

Can’t help but dream of these cakes every now and then!

f h


After devouring everything, we felt so full yet ready again to dig in to their yummy cakes! And to our surprise, this was our bill! We are definitely coming back! hehe


After settling ourselves from the sugar we just had. We headed back to the hotel and took a nap. Then we headed out for some sightseeing.

Siliman University.  From our hotel, we walked our way to the largest university in the Philippines.


We were amazed by the students in the campus. They were wearing shorts and slippers! No dress code for this university. Students were all but simple, no make- up and back packs were in.

Hence, with our shorts and slippers, we felt like we belong!

534545_3568006118412_1498706329_n l

After touring the humungous school, we  went to see their museum only to find out that it’s already closed for the day.

We then went to one of their malls. The Lee Plaza mall located in the heart of the city. Dumaguete has two malls, Robinson’s place and Lee Plaza Mall. We went to the latter to buy souvenir shirts and magazines. The place is almost like our Gaisano Metro here in Cebu.

One nice thing about Dumaguete is you can just walk your way through most of their establishments. Tricycles (fare= 8php) are common yet the buzz and the proximity of the place would make you want to walk to your next destination.

Dinner. Time to eat again! Since we can’t get enough of Sans Rival Bistro ( thinking of the cakes yet to be tasted!), we decided to have our dinner there.



Dinner was immensely satisfying that’s why we decided to postpone dessert and have some massage in their boulevard. We found some group of masseurs and masseuses on the Boulevard and was amazed with the price. 50 pesos for head, back, arms and legs massage, totally a great deal!


After the relaxing massage, we then head out to one of the tourist spots in Duma, the Bell Tower. It is located beside St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral. It’s just a two- block walk from our hotel.


Across the Cathedral is their park. There were some minor attractions there so we headed out and took some pictures.


Then its time again to eat.haha. Again, we headed to Sans Rival Bistro for our much awaited dessert!

IMG00179-20120709-2035 IMG00181-20120709-2037 IMG00180-20120709-2036

Their cakes are really superb!

Then its time to call it a day. We enjoyed the night life feel of Dumaguete by walking our way to our hotel. Some were walking their dogs, going out for a jog and some were chilling in the bars along the boulevard. It was a true picture of relaxation and retirement. As what we have observed, there was an ample number of foreigners, I didn’t say tourists since it looked like they have been living in the city for long. They must have also felt the breezy and calm feeling I felt as soon as I stepped in the portals of the city.

This one is a picture of our hotel at night time.



The above pic is a view of the Boulevard at night.

The day after was time to go home, we went to some work errands and again, headed back to Sans Rival Bistro for our Brunch and pasalubong. Imagine, all that we’ve eaten for the whole time we were there was from that resto. Loyalty at its finest! haha.

For Brunch, chicken pot pie!Yum!


After lunch, we went back to Siliman University Museum. Picture taking was limited. One thing that struck me was the seizing of a voodoo doll from a witch in Siquijor. The doll was really scary you don’t wan’t to look at it for long!

This was a view from the Siliman University Museum. The adjacent island is Siquijor.


Time to head home. We took the Ocean Jet Express to Cebu. Lesson learned- never ride this thing again. Their aircons were busted and the trip, considering that you’re sitting, was very long! ( 5 hrs of sitting, imagine that). I also saw a rat crawling :/

To sum up everything, I would truly wanna go back! The feel of the city is so laid back making it ideal for tourists who just want to be lazy, like me!haha

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