10 Things I Love About Dumaguete

The homey feel of Dumaguete makes it a favorite spot for those who want to relax but still feel the need to connect with the city life. Life in this city has been a brew of idleness and stir. The streets  may be busy but locals still have the time to walk along Rizal Boulevard and indulge on a 50 peso massage. People can be engrossed with work but once you ask for help, they are so glad to deliver and even go the extra mile. This is my favorite city so far and here are the 10 things I love about it.

1. Sans Rival Bistro.

But of course! It’s my favorite resto! As what I’ve written on  my previous blog,  I always dine here whenever I’m in the city. And when I say always, that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner! haha. The cakes are just superb and affordable and the food…I’m drooling right now! My favorite is their Pastel de Pollo, Concorde Cake and the Iced Coffee Mocha.

2. Sans Rival.

Who doesn’t love this little piece of heaven? Just a perfect combo for my afternoon coffee and late night tea.

3. Rizal Boulevard.

The long walks at Rizal Boulevard brings out the childhood memories when a short trip to our city breakwater would make me the happiest kid.

4. Their 50 peso massage.

One can enjoy a 50 peso massage (head, back, arms and legs) along Rizal Boulevard after a long day’s work.

5. Tempura and Balut along Rizal Boulevard.

Another attraction along the boulevard are the vendors selling tempura and balut. They placed small tables and chairs at the far end of the boulevard near the port area so people could sit down and dine on a sumptuous tempura and balut.

6. Siliman University.

It was always my dream since elementary to be able to get in and see the splendor of this university after all, its one of the largest in Asia. I have read about this in my Philippine history books and now this dream has been realized.

7. Unassuming student life

The students are here are simple and acting like one. No make- up, dyed hair or too fashionable outfit.haha

8. Bellfry

This watch tower that stands beside the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral is such a site to behold. It’s the oldest in the province. A grotto of Mama Mary is placed at the front of the Bellfry so people could light candles and reflect.

9. Their trikes.

Dumaguete has plenty of tricycles. In fact, it is hailed as the Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines. Their trikes (short for tricycle) are huge and relatively comfortable.

10. The People

The city is tagged as the City of Gentle People. I myself can attest to this. The last time we were there, since we didn’t book any hotel beforehand, we went to this hotel only to find that it’s booked for the night. We hailed a tricycle and told him to take us to this hotel ( kinda pricey). Maybe he observed that we weren’t really the affluent type, he told us of a budget- friendly hotel and offered to take us there to ask for vacancy before we head to the pricey one without extra charge. Luckily, rooms were still available!


8 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Dumaguete

  1. Romelou Jay Orofeo says:

    You really love dumaguete… i can see that… and this blog is also well created… thank for the details… will try this soon and hope i can travel with you along…

  2. Master Ryo says:

    I am happy to hear that you have a great time staying in my hometown.
    The description suits very well, must I say, you had a very keen eye for details.
    Also,as your photographs suggest, you had a blast in your sojourn.
    Lastly, your remarks never underrate or hype just neutral and realistic. Well done!

    Perhaps, I can recommend some great restaurants apart from the famed,SansRival to peg out with the next time,
    To name some Gabby’s Bistro is a must try, Lab-as ( Sea food restaurant), Cafe Antonio, Casa Blanca, Don Atilano and many other for some exquisite dining experience at a reasonable price of coarse. 🙂

    Hope to hear another positive review on your next visit in my hometown.

    • oyen says:

      Thank you for the compliment. Dumaguete has always been my favorite =) We are planning to go there this October, will surely have time to visit the places you mentioned =)

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