When in Bantayan

Thrice have I visited this island but I still feel that excitement whenever I think of the white sandy beaches of Bantayan. But not until my third visit did I realize that during my last 2 visits, I only limit myself to its white sand beaches. Hence, when the third opportunity to visit the island came, I made sure that we can do some tour of this small paradise. It was never a bore!

Below are things that you should be doing when you are in Bantayan. Do not limit yourself to the beach. Get up and explore this little paradise that is Bantayan.

1. Beach Bumming

Did I say do not limit yourself to the beach? haha. First things first, the best way to enjoy the island is to lay yourself down on its sugary white sand. The crystal blue water coupled with the long stretch of white sand beaches would sure make you want to bask under the sun for long periods you would soon be asking, How did I get so tan?



Take a day or two to enjoy the beach.

2. Stay at Sugar Beach.

If you are on abudget. This resort is your go to place. Affordability plus quality makes it famous among locals and tourists.


3. Take a dip in Ogtong Cave.

Located in Ogtong Cave Beach Resort, this small underwater cave is a favorite spot for those who want a dip in freshwater. The cave is a bit small that it easily gets packed.



4. Visit the St. Peter and Paul Church.

Located in the Poblacion, near the market, this centuries- old church was built by Augustinian friars during the 1500’s. It has withstood the test of time including the recent massive earthquake and super typhoon that struck most of Cebu.




5. Celebrate their fiesta.

Bantayan is not only famous for its white sand beaches but also for its unique fiesta. Surprisingly, they celebrate it during the Holy Week (a week long celebration of the Catholic Church commemorating Christ’s passion and resurrection) . Catholics celebrate the Holy Week in silence, sacrifice and taking part in Church activities but Bantayanons celebrate it through a fiesta- a lively feast of food, bands, parties and alike. That is why, aside from locals, many tourists flock the island during the Holy Week.

6. Indulge in a wide array of seafood fresh from their market.

Bantayan, being a fishing community is a pot luck of cheap, sumptuous sea food. Try going to their market, look for some fresh sea food and have the resort personnel cook it for you.

This is just a tease:)


7. Rent a motorcycle.

The best way to explore the island   is to rent a motorcycle and be awed by the scenery. The rent costs 300/ day exclusive of gas.

8. Visit the nearby town of Madriedejos.

The town of Madriedejos is a quiet fishing community. As you enter the town,you will be awed by the series of trees lined along the road. And brace yourself for a rocky road ahead! Visit their boulevard and the Kota Ruins located in Kota Park.





9. Enjoy Bantayan with friends.

The best thing to do in every place you visit is to enjoy it with friends and loved ones- nothing can top that!haha





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