The Boracay Dream

You’ve probably read lots of blogs regarding their exploits in the famous island of Boracay, but the fact that this is my blog and you’re reading this gives me the right to brag that I was able to set foot in one of the world’s best island destinations.haha


They say that the best time to go to Boracay is during summer but since this our first Christmas together as a family, we decided to celebrate it with a twist by spending it in Boracay- a white Christmas indeed!



We took the long route to the island. As mentioned in my previous blog. we decided to make an overnight stop in Roxas City from Iloilo.

Roxas to Kalibo.

We woke up early following that seafood overload in Roxas to catch the early van to Kalibo. Fare is 100php/ person and travel time is roughly 2 hours. The trip to Kalibo was a series of bumps and humps. Until now, I think that was the bumpiest road trip I had.haha

Kalibo to Caticlan.

From Kalibo, you have to tell the driver to take you to the van terminal for Caticlan. Note that there are no direct van trips from Roxas to Caticlan which was a bit of a hassle since you have to transfer from one van to another. Fare is 100php/ person and travel time is about an hour.

Caticlan to Boracay.

Caticlan is the gateway to Boracay. From here. you have to ride an outrigger boat to reach the island. Travel time is about 15 minutes and substantial fees are imposed.

We were all smiles as we are nearing the Cagban port in Boracay. Another dream-come-true moment for the three of us!haha



The good thing about our trip in Boracay is we didn’t get to spend a dime for our accommodation. A very kind client offered us her guesthouse  during our stay in Boracay.

This is where we shall be staying for 3 days.


The guesthouse is located in Brgy. Yapak which was a bit far from the White Beach.Fortunately, we were also offered a multicab plus a driver to take us to anywhere in Boracay. I couldn’t thank them enough!

The Boracay dream begins.

After thrice convincing ourselves that we were really in Boracay, we were ready to begin. First thing to do in our list is to shop for food which we shall be needing to sustain in the extravagant island. We exhausted the chance to cook our meals since prices in restos are lavish.

Talipapa (market)


We took a pass on buying seafood since the prices were kinda out of this world. haha After all, we did some seafood overload in Roxas.



Day 2 of our Boracay dream was allotted to the beach bumming and sightseeing. Yet, when we were about to swim, it rained.


If you haven’t been to Boracay, let me picture it out for you. The White Beach is a 4 kilometer stretch of pure white sand lined with resorts, restaurants, stores and hotels.



The beachfront is wide enough for the influx of tourists walking along the shore and basking under the heat of the sun.




These benches are a common sight in the beachfront.


The weather was not at its best that day. Yet the beauty of the island surpassed the gloominess of the sky.


We got tired of walking so we checked out Paradiso Grill and had some snacks/ brunch. Their prices were decent enough for a resto in Boracay.


In the afternoon, we decided to check out Ilig- iligan beach which was just a walking distance from where we were staying in Yapak. And I was aghast by the peace and serenity of the place. It was like seeing a different side of the island.



The sound of the gushing waves were our only companion.




The sand maybe not as powdery white as White Beach but Ilig iligan makes me think of what once was Boracay- a long strip of powdery white sand, laid- back and uninhabited.


And if it weren’t for the fact that my mom was calling me hundreds of times cause she cannot make my minime to stop crying, we would have stayed much longer.haha

We spent the rest of the afternoon in our little nook and as night fell, we went out again for some refreshments. I’ve read positive reviews about Jonah’s milkshake and it was my time to put these reviews to test. hehe


Their Choco Banana Peanut Milkshake is a must try!


Day 3 of the Boracay dream continues. This time we asked the driver to take us to a few nice spots in Boracay other than the White Beach.

I got giddy, after all, we shall be seeing a different side of the island. Not all knew that Boracay has things to offer other than the commercialized white beach.

He took us first to Puka Shell Beach in Brgy. Yapak


Although not as white and powdery as the White Beach, Puka Beach is a good alternative for those who want peace and quiet amidst the hustle in White Beach.


”So where are the puka shells?” I asked the locals…and they pointed to the direction of the stalls selling souvenir items. I was hoping to see lots of puka shells scattered throughout the beach.




Then Manong driver took us to Mt. Luho Viewing Deck so we can have an aerial view of the island.


View of the White Beach from above




Bulabog BeachIMG_8571


And the viewing deck was one with a mini zoo and some artifacts.



Then he took us to Bulabog Beach where most water activities in Boracay took place.



We had everything wrapped up the entire morning. We decided to spend our last day in Boracay bumming at the White Beach.

IMG_8668Yet another obligatory pose.



IMG_8664He got inked.


And I got


To sum up our stay in the famous island of Boracay, we enjoyed it as much as we can imagine. Celebrating it with family makes it a rather more memorable experience. They say the island has been too commercialized. True. But commercialization has made it one of the world’s best island 🙂

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