Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte: Hindag-an Falls

Located on a bay at the Pacific Coast, this small town is how you define laid- back. I have been here dozen of times to visit relatives yet this place still gives me that same feeling of comfort and nonchalance. We go out with our “pambahays” to buy ice cream (which you should be doing during daytime since stores close really early), observe the sunset at the bay and watch people fishing using their rods at their nonfunctional pier. Life here is simple and its the kind of life people from busy cities (like me) long for.



We went for the Cebu- Hilongos route (fastest route) via Roble Shipping which departs at 9 pm. If you want to void yourself of the hassle of transferring from one bus to another, you can buy a bus ticket at the boat. Just tell the concierge that you are disembarking at St. Bernard. Fare is 160 php. At the bus, you must tell the “conductor” that you are heading for St. Bernard. Otherwise, if you are not at all familiar, you mind end up reaching the end point town which is Hinunangan.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we visited one of the few must- go spots in the town, Hindag-an Falls.


Located 30 minutes from the town proper, Hindag- an Falls is a perfect destination for locals to celebrate birthdays, family picnics and school reunions. Its a cascade of waterfalls that pour into a series of man- made pools.


From the town proper, we rented a tricycle for 250 php (roundtrip) to take us to the jump-off point in Brgy. Hindag-an. From there, we have to walk for 10 minutes to the entrance of the falls.



Entrance fee: 20php for adults; 10php for children 7-11 yrs old. Cottages are free of charge. If you want to choose one that is near the pools, you have to be here early since the place gets packed especially on weekends.

The water gets too cold and chilling  especially when its raining.


Sample cottage.


Photo-ops with the family. Ours was a simple family picnic.




I loved how the pools are made. My daughter loves it too!


The strong current of the water soothed our bodies providing us free back massage.haha



I am not too fond of waterfalls but I enjoyed every minute I was in here. The fact that it is not at all commercialized and known to tourists makes it all the more special. 🙂

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