That Sugba Lagoon Experience


Just when I thought I have exhausted all of Siargao’s beauty, I saw from instagram and facebook posts of friends about this perfectly secluded spot in the town of Del Carmen. It has been there all along just waiting to be recognized for  its timeless grandeur.




Sugba Lagoon is part of the second largest mangrove system in the Philippines in the town of Del Carmen (Numancia). This town stands opposite to General Luna, about an hour to two hours drive, where the famed Cloud 9 is located.

Hotels in General Luna are apt with van rentals to take its guests to the jump-off point. Van rentals range from 1,000- 2,000 pesos. You may contact Joem Dulguime (09109068649) for a hassle free and affordable van rental to any point in Siargao. As for us, since my companions are all locals in Siargao, we just paid for fuel costs. hehe

Motorbikes are also available for rent the whole day for 350-500 pesos. Make sure you know how to drive a motorcycle and you are wearing a helmet since the local government has been very serious in implementing this law.

The jump- off point is the tourism center in Del Carmen where every guest should register their names.



Del Carmen’s tourism office

Registration fee- 50 pesos/ person

Boat rental- 1,600 pesos good for 6 persons, 200/ person in excess maximum of 9

The tourists are designated to their boats which will take them to the lagoon. This reminds me of Puerto Princesa and Camiguin where the LGU (Local Government Unit) closely monitors the boats taking the tourists to and from the lagoon.

A new rule imposes that the maximum time a tourist can stay in the lagoon is 4 hours to avoid overcrowding the area. If you plan to go there, especially on a weekend, you have to be early to avoid getting refused upon.

A preserved body of a capture crocodile in the mangrove system is a must see outside the tourism center.


FYI: Mangrove swamps are inhabited by diverse, biological communities including and most especially, CROCODILES! hehe

The ride towards the lagoon is a beautiful array of mangroves and rock formations. The scenery is simply breathtaking!


30 mintues after, you will be entering a remote, local community which made me wonder how difficult it is for them to buy groceries and stuff. Well, they have the whole Pacific Ocean to feed them. hehe

Farther away, at the end lies the lagoon. Seeing it was a mix of emotions. Happy, because I finally got to see this place, mesmerized by how emerald green and clear the water is  but a bit disappointed since there where many people in the area. It was jam packed. I would really suggest coming here on weekdays and non holidays.


Some of the many boats taking the tourists to the lagoon

We docked on the only big hut at the center of the lagoon.


Tables for 50 php are available for rent. They also serve lunch but it is best if you bring your own food if you want to save on expenses. No corkage fee is imposed. I reckon their prices can be high. We settled, had lunch and off we went!


Paddle boarding- 200/ hour

Kayaking- 200/hours

Bamboo raft- 100/ hour

The place would make you want to dip yourself in the water,. Despite the crowd, the place still speaks of serenity and calmness. At first, I told myself I might just want to sit down and watch everyone swimming but I subsequently changed my mind and found myself paddle boarding. Bringing our 3 year old, its was a challenge to paddle board yet we managed and took turns paddle boarding in standing position. haha

Jumping off the platform is a thing in the lagoon. As everyone was doing all the jumping, I had to challenge myself to jump too (my first time to do so). After much deliverance, with some few shots of beer (hehe), I was able to conquer that fear of jumping into the water. Twice! It was such a remarkable experience for me. Something I would have to remember for the rest of my life.


We left the island with smiles on our faces. I think we were the last ones to leave. haha


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