The journey is the destinationOthers may not see it but the most exciting part when you travel is not the destination but the things you did in order to reach your travel goals. What motivates me to travel is the idea that, what you planned or researched about is slowly turning into reality. What you’ve read in other blogs or seen in google images are actually happening right before your eyes. 🙂

Yes, travelling gives us that sense of accomplishment- victory over our own personal fears.



I am Doreen, a nurse who dreams of working in the Big Apple (haha, that’s another story). I started this blog way back 2011. My goal that time was to show everyone that anyone can travel. Our country is so beautiful that it breaks my heart if I don’t share it with the rest of the world. Fast track 2011, I’ve been to provinces and counting. My goal is still the same. The only difference is I got with me my forever travel buddies, Sam and Klint. 🙂

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