The Little Island of Canigao

It was my pre- birthday celebration and the family decided to lurk the waters of Canigao island. From our house in Ormoc City, we traveled 3 hrs to reach the port that would lead us to this small, uninhabited island in the southern part of Leyte.

Since it was April 8, Easter Sunday, we expected the island to be packed with locals and tourists ( in the Philippines,  most families celebrate Easter by going to the beach) so the family decided to leave at 6 am but since we are Filipinos ( sorry! haha), we left at around 7 am.

It was more of a mini reunion, the family was jam packed into this 16- seater van! We were so tight! (literally tight!)

It was a very long drive. We enjoyed the 3-hour hiatus by watching the scenery from outside our window and of course, the never ending influx of food. =)

And Alas!

Canigao Island.

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