Pasalubong At Baker’s Hill Puerto Princesa City

Our last stop in Puerto Princesa is the Baker’s Hill located at the highlands of the city. We rented a tricycle for 200php to reach the place. A little far actually and the place reminded of Jack’s Ridge in Davao City. But unlike Jack’s Ridge, an overlooking view of the city is a bit obstructed.


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Chaolong: A Taste of Vietnam in Puerto Princesa

As I was plotting our itinerary for Palawan,travel blogs from the internet would usually mention a must try in Puerto Princesa- Chaolong!


Chaolong, a noodle dish handed to locals by Vietnamese settlers in Palawan has been an affordable form of snacks and rainy day food for the locals in Palawan. There are several Vietnamese restaurants scattered all over Puerto Princesa which got me confused as to where to eat this must try. So I asked a local (since they know best) where to find the best chaolong and he pointed me to the direction of Bona’s Chaolong





Chaolong or Beef Stew with Noodles tastes sweet. Unlike the salty instant noodles that I usually eat, the noodles are firm and the broth- even with its orangey color is warm and filling. The beef is tenderized and fitting to a Filipino’s taste. I admit, though I’m really not a fan of needles, the Chaolong is a must try in Puerto Princesa.


EL Nido Island Hopping Package Tour A

Good morning El Nido!

Laag ta bai!-8

Just like the day before, we started the day early since our call time for the island hopping was 6 am. As early as 5:30 am, we went outside the hotel to look for a place where we can have breakfast.

El Nido Skyline Grill and Restaurant.


It was drizzling when we set forth. Supposedly, tourists who will engage in island hopping activities will be asked to pay 200php each for the environmental fee. Good thing, since we started early, the people in charge of collecting is not yet around (sleeping maybe..hehe) hence we were exempted.haha



They say your vacation in El Nido wouldn’t be complete without trying these island hopping tours:

Tour Package A- Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Seven Commandos Island

Tour Package B- Pangalusian Island, Pinagbuyatan Island, Vigan and Snake Island, Cadugnon Point and Cave, Pinasil Island and Cathedral Cave

Tour Package C- Hidden Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Talisay Island, Secret Beach, Helicopter Island

We chose tour package A for 1000php/each.

And they were absolutely right! We were all in awe!

Laag ta bai!


Seeing the outside of the lagoon was exhilarating! I never thought we had this in the Philippines!



To enter the lagoon, one has too get inside a small opening (a crack on a rock) and has to swim underwater for a few meters. The package tours include snorkeling gears and a life vest so you don’t have to worry swimming underwater.

The lagoon was a beauty. Its pristine waters are enclosed by towering limestone karst. Very few marine life can be found including a territorial fish which bit my mom.hehe




The Big Lagoon is literally bigger and deeper than the small lagoon. Snorkeling and kayaking activities are available but we gave it a pass.



Our next stop was supposed to be the Secret Lagoon but unfortunately it was a high tide (the lagoon can be accessed by creeping thru a small hole on a low tide and swimming thru the hole on a high tide), we took a pass for I didn’t know how to swim.hehe. Instead, we did snorkeling and fish feeding off the torquise waters of El Nido.

On a feeding frenzy




Lunch is included on the tour packages which are usually in this island. It boasts of towering limestone cliffs scattered throughout. The guides prepared our meals while we enjoy swimming and taking pictures.







Named after the seven Japanese soldiers who took refuge in this island during the war, the island is the last stop for Package Tour A. Here, tourists can have some rest and relaxation. Reclining chairs and cottages are located just along the shore. A small store is also available in the island.



I really enjoyed my time in the island bumming at the beach.




And it was time for us to head back.


One day isn’t enough to exhaust the beauty of El Nido. If given the chance, I would definitely come back and stay here for like a week or two and explore everything it has to offer.


Marvelling The Puerto Princesa Underground River

Located 80 kilometers north of the city proper, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is part of the 3901- hectare wide Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park providing home to thousands of flora and fauna in the Philippines. Located on a limestone karst landscape, the Underground River boasts of stalactites and stalagmites navigable up to 4.3 km long.

My journey to the river was both magical and sublime. It felt like slowly moving toward a delicate piece of beauty, to a different world only a few can fathom. Truly a wonder of  nature!

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