Chaolong: A Taste of Vietnam in Puerto Princesa

As I was plotting our itinerary for Palawan,travel blogs from the internet would usually mention a must try in Puerto Princesa- Chaolong!


Chaolong, a noodle dish handed to locals by Vietnamese settlers in Palawan has been an affordable form of snacks and rainy day food for the locals in Palawan. There are several Vietnamese restaurants scattered all over Puerto Princesa which got me confused as to where to eat this must try. So I asked a local (since they know best) where to find the best chaolong and he pointed me to the direction of Bona’s Chaolong





Chaolong or Beef Stew with Noodles tastes sweet. Unlike the salty instant noodles that I usually eat, the noodles are firm and the broth- even with its orangey color is warm and filling. The beef is tenderized and fitting to a Filipino’s taste. I admit, though I’m really not a fan of needles, the Chaolong is a must try in Puerto Princesa.


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