Horsing at The Ranch: Bato, Toledo City

I call this my third hometown next to the cities of Ormoc and Cebu. I have been to Toledo countless of times since I stepped forth Cebu to pursue my college education. Thanks to my board mates, I usually come here for their city fiesta celebrated every 12th of June but mostly lazy weekends at their house. I have been to Brgy Awihao for some “discoral”(a term used to describe discos in small barrios) and Brgy.Cabitoonan for a dip in their waters.

Toledo is a city located on the western part of Cebu. You can reach it from Cebu City either by bus(60php) at the South Bus Terminal or vehicle for hire (fare:100php) at the Citilink Terminal. We usually opt for the Vhire since most buses passing Toledo is too crowded. Travel time is usually 1 1/2- 2 hrs.

The Ranch Resort, located in Bato, Toledo City is something new to Toledohanons. It was built 2 years ago and has been a perfect summer destination for most locals.

From the city proper, you have to ride a trike to Bato where the resort is located. Fare is 15php.


Entrance to The Ranch.


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