Horsing at The Ranch: Bato, Toledo City

I call this my third hometown next to the cities of Ormoc and Cebu. I have been to Toledo countless of times since I stepped forth Cebu to pursue my college education. Thanks to my board mates, I usually come here for their city fiesta celebrated every 12th of June but mostly lazy weekends at their house. I have been to Brgy Awihao for some “discoral”(a term used to describe discos in small barrios) and Brgy.Cabitoonan for a dip in their waters.

Toledo is a city located on the western part of Cebu. You can reach it from Cebu City either by bus(60php) at the South Bus Terminal or vehicle for hire (fare:100php) at the Citilink Terminal. We usually opt for the Vhire since most buses passing Toledo is too crowded. Travel time is usually 1 1/2- 2 hrs.

The Ranch Resort, located in Bato, Toledo City is something new to Toledohanons. It was built 2 years ago and has been a perfect summer destination for most locals.

From the city proper, you have to ride a trike to Bato where the resort is located. Fare is 15php.


Entrance to The Ranch.


Lobby Entrance


Fees and Rates:

Water Park (Swimming Pool)- 100php

FarmTour (Ranch, Beefarm, Aviary, Organic Garden)- 75php

Horsebackriding (2 rounds)- 100php

Zipline- 150php/person

Bicycle (1hr/person)- 100php

Cabana- 300&500php

Room Accommodation:

Standard Room- 1,800php (good for 2)

Jr. Suite Room- 2,800php (good for 2)

Extra Bed- 500php per person


It was almost dark when we got there so we hurrily explored the vastness of the resort.

Swimming Pools

They have a generous number of pools.

IMAG0020 IMAG0021


IMAG0025 IMAG0027 IMAG0031

Horsing Around.


I was too scared and out of budget to ride a horse so a solo pic with the horses was enough for me.lol

They were tall and huge!


Activities like zipline, trampoline, and bicycle rides are also available.

One cannot bring food and drinks inside the resort. They have a restaurant near the lobby. Food was mediocre and price was surprisingly affordable.





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