Making Memories: Bohol- Country Side Tour

Who’s never heard of Bohol? Definitely most people had gone to this beautiful island province, but not me. I have been living in Cebu for quite some time yet I haven’t been to this place. Not since 2 weeks ago.

Bohol is just 2 hrs away from Cebu so there’s definitely no reason why Cebuanos ( like me) cannot go there.

There are lots of options in going there, you may take the fast craft (2 hrs) or slow boat (5 hrs). Fare varies, usually fast crafts have round trip promos that could save you bucks.

Kindly check this link for schedules.

We boarded the 7 am 2Go( previously Supercat) to Bohol. It was supposed to be a 2 hour ride yet we ended up reaching Bohol at 10 am. There was something wrong with their engine I guess since the aircon was  down too.

The rented car was already waiting for us when we disembarked. Of course, we took pictures upon disembarking.


Getting Aroung Bohol:

As what I have notice during our tour, there are less public transportaton vehicles ( other than trikes in Tagbilaran) and more on rented cars. That is why it would be a challenge for adventure seekers to tour the island through commuting. In my case, since we were many, we opted for
the car rental.

Country Side tour- 3, 000php ( 8 hrs)
Panglao Tour- 2, 000php (8 hrs)

I didn’t ask for our driver’s  number since the group didn’t like him much. He was all talkative ( the kind that doesn’t stop), cocky and was coughing openly throughout our trip.

Budget- friendly Accommodation:


We stayed at BPSTEA ( Bohol Public Teacher’s Association) in Tagbilaran. It is comparable to our YMCA here in Cebu. Since we were many, we had the dormitory type of room that could accommodate 10 people. The room is decent with aircon, tv and toilet and bath.


Day 1- Country Side Tour

1. Loboc River Cruise.

Lunch Buffet- 300php
Entrance Fee- 100php

The floating restos runned by a pump boat would take you to the long stretch of Loboc River. The cruise lasted for an hour and stops are made so touists could watch the locals dancing to Bohol’s native dances. During our stop, the locals presented the Kuradang. My mom was so thrilled watching them that she asked me to give some donation.



Malunggay Ice Cream at BUZZ CAFE in Loboc


2. ZooColate Thrills

Entrance Fee- 60php

Its not included in our itinerary but our guide took us here. It was a zoo, nothing more nothing less. On the entrance of the zoo, you can see Tiggy, a year old tiger given by Chavit Singson. As you go through the course of the zoo, you can see a dwarf pony, Chinese chicken, Alamid, Peacock, etc.


3. Chocolate Hills

Entrance Fee- 50php

Who wouldn’t know this? This is written all over our Sibika at Kultara texbooks throughout elementary. There are no less than 1, 260 perfectly- shaped hills scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan. The observatoryis located in Carmen. You have to climb up 214 steps to reach the view deck. Aside from taking pictures of yourself with the Chocolate Hills at the background, some business locals offer jump shots. The tourists are asked to ride on a large broom and jump while pictures are being captured. The result is, you’re like flying along the course of the hills!


4. Ship Haus

Entrance Fee- 25php

Again, this isnt part of our itinerary but our driver took us there. It’s literally a house formed like a ship. We didn’t get inside though. We just took pics outside the house. The house is owned by Capt. Gaudencio Dumapias.

5. Butterfly Sanctuary

Entrance Fee- 40php

Neither did I like or hate butterflies but the short trip to this Butterfly Sanctuary had made me appreciate them more. Kudos to our tour guide (I forgot his name) who brightly lectured us with things we didn’t know about these colorful creatures.


6. Tarsiers

Entrance Fee- 60php

It was already closed when we reached the tarsiers but thanks to our ever energetic driver, he managed to convince the manager to have it opened for us. We managed to see two tarsiers only since we were not allowed to go through the other side of the conservatory.

I’ve learned a lot of things about tarsiers:

a. They are territorial
b. They are nocturnal primates. Lucky for us, it was near dark when we got there so their wide bulging eyes were wide awake.
c. They can rotate their heads 180 degrees. Since they cannot move their eyeballs, they have to rotate theirs heads to see peripherally. Linda Blair is that you?lol
d. Their babies are a size of a thumb.
e. They feed by themselves. That is why you cannot set them in a cage and provide them food. When you do this, they commit suicide. They would go on a hunger strike.
f. They are carnivourous creatures. They eat insects.


7. Man- made Forest.

This is my one of my favorite place in Bohol. Passing along this area makes me feel so close to nature. The chilly sensation you feel plus the wide array of meters long trees and ferns gives you that tranquil feeling.


8. Prony

Entrance Fee- 25php

The famous prony. The obesed phython who’s now 240 kilos at 30 inches.  Along with prony, you can also see some animals like the Philippine Flying Lemur and  Alamid.

She’s really huge!


8. House of Ube

Their ube jam at 100php is yum! They also sell pastillas and polvoron for 20 php per pack good for pasalubong.

That was the end of our country side tour. Unluckily we were not able to visit the Baclayon Church and the Blood Compact Site. We ran out of time we just passed by it.


After freshening up, we went to Payag Retaurant in Tagbilaran for dinner. Their food is such a glory. A must try is their Chicken Inato (chicken barbeque) and Binakhaw.


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