Dreaming of Dakak

We went to Dakak with a different level of excitement. It was one of the places I didn’t expect to reach when I was still a child. For me, it was an unapproachable chalet high in the mountains that only the filthy rich can afford. Thanks to internet research, we found out that for 500 php, Dakak offers Day Tour with a free dining at their Italian restaurant.


From our accommodation in Villa Pilar, we chartered a habal-habal to take us to Dakak Park and Beach Resort. Just ask the people at the front and they will be the one to arrange it for you. Fare is 100 php/ person one way. According to my research, a chartered motorcycle is the best option to have when going in and out of Dakak if you are on a budget.

Our ticket to the paradise.

IMG_3630IMG_3626Travel is about 30 minutes. The road to this little paradise is steep and winding. Perfectly hidden by two treacherous mountains, this stunning piece of heaven is very ideal for those who want perfect relaxation. Like us!

Dakak’s 750 meter- long powdery white sand beach.

IMG_3644What differentiates Dakak from the other white sand beaches I’ve traveled is that it is very secluded. Though there were also tourists like us around, the place itself speaks of solitude.


Convention Hall great for parties and wedding reception.


Part of the day tour is free use of their Dolphin pool.


And a free pasta from their Italian restaurant. Yum!



Dakak’s day tour starts at 8 am ending at 5 pm, it could’ve been nice if we stayed there longer but since we were on a tight schedule, we obliged. But we still managed to have time bumming at the beach.


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