YES to Gloria de Dapitan

All weary and beaten from swimming, we went back to our hotel to wash up and get ready for our last stop: Gloria de Dapitan. Little did I know, I was on to a life changing surprise!


But first, we need to fill our empty stomachs with food. We tried going to their market area to see if we can find carenderias (small eatery) but I guess the only thing alive at night in Dapitan is the Sunset Boulevard.  Along Sunset Boulevard, just adjacent to Gloria de Dapitan are restaurants from the classy to the “pang-masa” type. We observed that most of the guests eating are also going to Gloria de Dapitan. They come in large buses and big families.

Our dinner! Ergh..sorry I forgot the name of this resto.


The weather was not behaving well during our stay there but it didn’t stop us from exploring Dapitan’s night life.


There are many things to do in Gloria de Dapitan. Just make sure you come in there at night since it is when the magic happens. For those who are children at heart, you can go to Gloria’s Fantasyland. It’s more of an amusement park, comparable to Enchanted Kingdom and Star City.

The rates and schedule are as follows:



For those who just want relaxation after a day’s work, one can opt to have drinks at their bars, go clubbing or just stroll around.

We went for the strolling activity.

And saw this ages-old dinosaur strolling too!


And I call this Kung-Fu Kicking!


Then opted to have a night cap instead. Drinks are here are surprisingly very affordable!


Since it was a Saturday, we were lucky to see Gloria Fantasyland’s fireworks display.


It was a long day indeed. We were amazed on how we were able to get the most out of Dapitan in just a day. By next day we shall be heading to Dumaguete en route to Cebu and by next day things won’t be the same as they are, for during this trip I said YES to a life of commitment 🙂

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