Alcoy, Cebu: A Labor’s Day Treat

My seemingly inquisitive mind is once again aroused by this small town south of Cebu. I’ve heard stories of a long strip of powdery white sand beach located just along the road of Alcoy, Cebu.


From Cebu City, one can take a bus to Alcoy at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. In our case, we took the Ceres Bus Line for a fare of 114 php. Since the bus stops only at the terminal, the driver offered to take us to Voda Krasna- the resort where we shall be staying for an additional 10php.

One can also take the bus for Oslob, Bato or Santander. Just tell the driver ahead that you will be disembarking in Tingko Beach in Brgy. Daan Lungsod, Alcoy. The drivers are overtly familiar with the name so you dont have to worry.

The travel took us 2 hours. It is best if you travel at  dawn to get away from traffic.

For those who are confused like me, that long strip of white sand at Brgy. Daan Lungsod, Alcoy can be divided into 4 namely: Tingko Beach 1, Voda Krasna Resort, Tingko Beach 2 and the public beach.





Entrance fee is 10 php. Cottages and tables for rent are available at a very decent price but most beach goers enjoy setting a picnic mat under the shade of coconut trees along the beach.



A bit pricey and high- end. The resort offers villas and overnight stay cottages. The Villas range from 5,000- 10, 000 php while cottages good for 10 persons are priced at 1, 700 php for day use and 2, 500 php for overnight stay.

The cottages are beautifully landscaped on top of a rock providing an overlooking view of the gleaming waters of Alcoy.





Located after Voda Krasna, this beach has the longest strip of white sand in Alcoy. Entrance fee is also 10 php. Cottages for overnight stay and tables for day use are available at very affordable prices. It  has the most number of beach goers maybe because of its perfect location and affordability.



This has no entrance fee and is popular for locals who just want to take a short dip and  head home.

Despite that it is public, the place is very clean and well kept.


It was a Labor’s Day holiday when we headed to Alcoy hence most people are on the mood for swimming!



Picture depicting how “along the road” really is this beach.



For additional things to do in Alcoy, there are pump boats that offer a 20- 30 minute tour along the coast. For 30 php per person, it will take you to the sand bar  just across the beach. During low tide, one can take a stroll along the sand bar at shin’s length.








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