Magpupungko Rock Formation: Another Wonder Of Nature

One lesson learned during our visit to Magpupungko Rock Formation is to make sure its low tide when going there. Our first attempt was an epic fail! We went there on a high tide! This magnificent piece of nature shows up as sea water lowers down creating a natural pool. What makes it unique is that the ocean waves get separated by a large reef making it possible for you to walk on it. Such an incredible phenomenon!

Laag ta bai!-35

Magpupungko is located in the town of Pilar, an hour away from General Luna by motorcycle. On our way there, we passed in the middle of a mountain where a lake where small crocodiles are bred is located. I guess its a joint project of the local and national government.



The town of Pilar is also home to a lush vegetation of mangroves.


As you pass the town, you get to see floating villages too. The houses are submerged in sea water during high tide.

We arrived at Magpupungko early in the afternoon. Entrance fee is 50 php/ person.
And did I say it was high tide? Much to our dismay, we didn’t see a lagoon, what we saw are big waves rushing to the sea bed.

Hence we spent the rest of the afternoon bumming at the beach.

Winners don’t give up right? So the next day, we didn’t miss our chance to catch the low tide, we went there in the morning.

We were glad when the owner waived our entrance fee! He might took pity on us. haha

Our second attempt. A low tide!haha

Laag ta bai!-34

The lagoon is surrounded by different rock formations. It got its name from a rock formation that seems to be sitting on another rock. “pungko” in Siargaonon means in a sitting position.

Laag ta bai!-36

The ocean waves are just a few meters from us. I actually got scared hearing the rolling sound of the waves. It makes me think of tsunamis.

Laag ta bai!-39

We bummed at what looked like a natural infinity pool. The colorful seabed reflects different colors to the crystal clear water. It’s clarity is beyond comparison.



An area of the lagoon is actually very deep that one can took a dive from some of the rock formations.


It wasn’t until we felt that familiar churning of our stomach that we decided to leave. I just can’t get enough of the place. It was worth coming back!


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