That Sugba Lagoon Experience


Just when I thought I have exhausted all of Siargao’s beauty, I saw from instagram and facebook posts of friends about this perfectly secluded spot in the town of Del Carmen. It has been there all along just waiting to be recognized for  its timeless grandeur.

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Siargao: Of Road Trips and Beaches

I fell in love with the island the first time I laid my eyes on it. That repose and calm serenity you always feel every time you visit your happy place has always been my reason why I’d love to come here often. Good thing this is my hubby’s hometown so I have more reasons to visit.haha

During my recent visit to Siargao, we embarked on a road trip around the island. Many may have known of the tunneling waves of General Luna, the natural pool in Pila rand the three little islands across the Boulevard yet only a few knewthat aside from these favorite spots, Siargao has unadulterated places that would make you WOW.



The white, sandy shore of Alegria facing the Pacific Ocean.


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Magpupungko Rock Formation: Another Wonder Of Nature

One lesson learned during our visit to Magpupungko Rock Formation is to make sure its low tide when going there. Our first attempt was an epic fail! We went there on a high tide! This magnificent piece of nature shows up as sea water lowers down creating a natural pool. What makes it unique is that the ocean waves get separated by a large reef making it possible for you to walk on it. Such an incredible phenomenon!

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Surfing On Cloud 9

The reason why Siargao has been a word of mouth not only among surfers but also among travel enthusiasts is because of this famed surf break located in Cloud 9 in the town of General Luna. Facing the Pacific Ocean, the island boasts of a lot of surf breaks catering to novices and pros but the one in Cloud 9 gives you that total swell. During rainy months, especially on September, waves can break into towering heights forming the number 9. This is the reason why the International Surfing Cup is held yearly during this month.

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