Banacon, Getafe, Bohol- Of Sand Bars and Beaches

Bohol, as it is only 2 hours away from our address, has been one of my popular vacation destination.I have been here twice, unaware that aside from the mouthwatering Chocolate Hills, cuddly tarsiers, romantic Loboc river cruise and white sandy beaches of Panglao, off its coast are small islands and several long strips of sand bars ideal for island hopping activities. Last April, together with a team of eye doctors, we went on a medical mission to the island barangay of Banacon in Getafe, Bohol.


Our jump- off point was in the island of Mactan. A jetty port which caters to private island hopping activities in Mactan and Bohol is located beside the 5- star Movenpick Hotel in Punta Engano. The outrigger boat we rented can hold up to 30 persons for 4, 000 php (normally this big can cost 6,000 but we were able to haggle it down).


From there, as the boat left the pier, we took the time chatting, applying our sunblocks, admiring the vastness and of course taking pictures!


It was a unique experience for most of us since we were used to taking Bohol by fastcraft docking either in Tagbilaran or Tubigon.

After 2 hours of endless chit chats and asking “are we there yet?”, we docked at the island of Banacon with ecstasy and zest.



We went straight to the town’s activity center and prepared the area. In just minutes, people were starting to flock the area.

And off we start!



In 3 hours we were able to serve a hundred patients giving them initial eye consult, reading glasses and topical eye medicines. Those with impression was referred to our clinic in Cebu.

Next, was when the real fun started.haha

Amongst all things, a sumptuous lunch of fresh seafood!

Then the island hopping begins.

Just off the coast of Banacon is a long, white strip of sand bar. The locals call it “Waikiki”.



You may say its just a typical sand bar. It is actually. What makes it atypical is the fun that comes with it. These are memories that won’t fade.




We thought we could navigate the long strip but it was too long. haha

A view of the sand bar from the other side.


All smiles


The sun bathing and laughter has to end since we still got a long way back to reality.

En route, the team decided to make a quick stop at Pandanon Island.

The low tide didn’t stop us from enjoying the famous island.






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