Sunset at Sayaw Beach

Sayaw Beach as the name suggests, is located in the barrio of Sayaw, just a mere 15 minute drive from the town proper. You’ll know you are in Sayaw once you pass the beautiful white sand shores along meters high cliffs and twisted roads.

The Delumbars(to which we were staying) live just across Sayaw Beach so it was just too easy for us to lurk the waters in Sayaw.

It was near sunset when we went down the beach. It was a Saturday so there were people, mostly locals, who was also there.


Cottages are available at a decent price. No entrance fee but if you have a vehicle, parking fee is 30php. We just settled along the shore so we didn’t have to pay anything.

A wise man once told me that Barili has one of the nicest views of the sunset. Good thing, we were able to reach the barrio of Sayaw just before the sun began to settle.

Just in time!


Can’t get enough of the beach, we went there the morning of our second day. Seeing the beach in broad daylight made me realize how much I missed by just passing by it on my trips to the south.

A view of the cottages in Sayaw Beach.


The sand aren’t the finest here, mostly rocks, but the backward feel of the place would make you wanna stay here all day long.


If you are a frequent traveller to the South, I’m pretty sure you have passed by this beach a lot of times. I dare you to take that plunge. =)

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