Towering Mantayupan Falls

Barili is home to the famed Mantayupan Falls.


From Sayaw, we hailed a multicab to Barili market (fare is 6php) and rode a trike (25php) to the falls at Barangay Campangga.


Entrance Fee: Adults- 20php;

Children (10 and below)- 10php

Cottages for Rent: Umbrella with Chairs- 150php;

Tables and Chairs only:140php

Overnight Stay: 1000php (good for 2)

Use of Restroom: 5php

Second Falls. Before reaching the First Falls, you pass by these twin falls.

Height: 14 meters



Unlike Kawasan, the trail going to the falls is short and easy.


The Mantayupan Falls.

Height: 98 meters.



For those who didn’t have the time to prepare their own food beforehand, a restaurant is located near the entrance.


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